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We conduct numerous searches throughout the year, and here are some examples that illustrate the extent of our reach.

International Search, Technology

CTO for a Norwegian start-up within wastewater technology

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing

To expand internationally, this company needed a commercially oriented CTO with deep understanding of the wastewater industry globally.

After doing a thorough market mapping, we introduced candidates from France, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Poland and the US, and our search efforts resulted in a successful hire.

USA, Digital Health

BOARD CHAIR to an American unicorn company within digital health

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing

Our client, a Swedish investment company, asked our assistance with finding a female diversity candidate to head the board of one of their American portfolio companies.

Balancing boards with diverse candidates is one of our strengths, so we presented several top-level profiles, and the company ended up engaging two of them.

Europe, SaaS

Dutch SaaS company expanding in Europe

Services: Talent Intelligence

To assist our client’s TA department in creating their overall recruitment strategy, we conducted a market mapping of the SaaS industry in Europe.

We created a heat map highlighting their competitors, pinpointing where the relevant high-level candidates can be found, detailing their typical education, career trajectories, and salary levels, as well as the most effective methods to attract and engage them.

Sweden, Manufacturing

Female CFO to a stock listed manufacturing company

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing, Diversity

Our client was a Swedish Executive Search Firm, that from the start of the search knew that dedicated effort would be needed to find female CEOs matching the profile requirements.

We worked alongside the client throughout the process and found 4 women that were qualified and interested in the role, resulting in a well-balanced candidate pool to present to the hiring company.

Norway, Finance

Female CIO to a well-renowned investment company

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing, Diversity

Our client was a Norwegian headhunter who was near completion of a search to fill a CIO role, however, he only had male candidates to present to his client.

We helped with a targeted search for females to create a better balance in the candidate pool.

After a thorough and creative search within the finance industry we interviewed several female candidates, and ended up with two finalists performing and being evaluated at the same level as their male counterparts.

Berlin, Technology

Chief People Officer to a German unicorn

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing

One of the most challenging searches we had in 2023, was the search for a CPO for a German technology company.

The ideal candidate was required to possess a background in investment banking, demonstrate operational expertise in HR within a rapidly expanding technology firm, and ideally be a woman to enhance gender diversity within the management team.

Not surprisingly, our list of candidates was not a lengthy one, but as quality surpasses quantity, our roster of a few highly qualified women left our client completely content.

Norway, Insurance

VP Communications for an Oslo-based insurance company

Services: Executive Candidate Sourcing

Our long-term client within the insurance sector in Oslo was looking for an experienced communications executive with strong background from corporate communications and international relations.

This search required a real deep dive into relevant networks, and is one of the searches where we have utilised our established contacts in the region the most.

The leads generated from our personal network resulted in us finding the perfect candidate, and another successful hire.

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