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We offer an elite, premium service tailored for executives looking to progress in their careers. Our teamwork-based approach involves customising a plan that builds on your core competence and strengths, and that aligns with your motivation and ambition. Together, we’ll pinpoint companies and roles that are a perfect match for you.

We can also offer confidential assistance with networking, making introductions, and establishing professional relationships.

Welcome to share your CV with us to be on our radar for future opportunities, or book a time with one of our Talent Agents!

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Leadership for the future

A new generation of executives is emerging. They aim for more than the traditional YoY growth; they seek balance. They want to create a corporate environment that not only drives financial growth but also prioritizes sustainability, employee development, engagement and well-being. They view this balanced approach not as a luxury, but as a prerequisite for success.

They also seek balance in their personal lives, valuing their own physical and mental health, their families, and their communities, all with the ambition of becoming the best versions of themselves.

 These are the leaders we need for our future, and they deserve to be connected with companies that allow them to create such healthy corporate ecosystems. Our  mission in Get Hunted is to make these connections happen.

Ida Brynildsen

CEO & International Talent Agent

Xarxa Business Club

Join our WhatsApp-community and chose the groups that is relevant for you, to connect with other executives and to get notified about meet-ups and job opportunities:

Xarxa Business Club – Alicante

We arrange regular meet-ups at Xarxa, our favourite hotel in El Campello, Alicante. Our meetings there offers you fantastic views, wonderful atmosphere, great food, and meaningful conversations with people you would not otherwise have met!

Xarxa Business Club – On The Go

Many of us are travelling people, and very often we have some extra time at airports, train stations or in hotel lobbies. If you also like informal and spontaneous meetings when possible, share your availability with the group to maximise the chance of inspiring personal meetings and grow your professional network.

Xarxa Business Club – Vacancies & Opportunities

Join this group if you would like to get notified about, or share, vacancies and job related opportunities. We have both candidates, companies and investors in our group.

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It does not matter how good you are at the selection process, if you don´t have the right candidate pool to select from. Our processes are focussed, targeted, thorough and creative. We go off the beaten path to bring you the perfect candidates.


Executive recruitments can be sensitive for a variety of reasons, and we are used to handling them all. We know how to share the right information at the right time, and how to ensure a confidential and discrete process – for companies as well as for candidates.


All companies are unique, and your recruitment needs and requirements can change rapidly. One process does not fit all. We adapt to your situation and challenges, we adjust along the way if necessary, and you buy only the part of the process that you need.


We gather market and candidate intelligence and share that with you through our Online Intelligence Portal. Make your map match the terrain, and base your hiring decisions on real time data to stay ahead of your competitors.

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