A great hire starts with excellent candidates

Selecting from the best pool of candidates possible will help ensure your company or organization excels to its maximum potential.

We Understand

Your company’s recruitment challenges and needs, and the requirements of the role you are looking to fill.

We Analyze

Relevant industries, markets, and companies, to create the most effective search strategy for your unique recruitment.

We Find

And contact relevant candidates. We conduct phone interviews and collect CVs from those who express interest in the role.

We Give You

A pool of qualified, motivated candidates that you would otherwise not have access to – ready to be interviewed.

We are experienced, curious, out-of-the-box thinkers, experts at both analytical research and relationship building.

Candidate Sourcing

You run the whole recruitment process yourself, but you need help locating and attracting relevant candidates for your vacancy 

Module based service menu: buy only what you need. 

Suitable for: Headhunters, Executive search Agencies, Inhouse recruiters, HR and TA Teams.  

National and international searches. All industries.

Headhunting Light

You conduct all interviews and control the selection process yourself, but you require assistance getting enough relevant candidates into the process, and help organizing the recruitment process.

A cost-efficient option when you do not need fullservice headhunter assistance, when a discretional search is preferred, or when advertising does not give you the desired results.

Suitable for: CEOs, Business Owners, and Hiring Managers. National and international searches, across all industries. 

Recruitment Intelligence 

Where do your future candidates currently workWhat are they interested in? What will make your Company attractive to them? What does your competition look like? 

Our Recruitment Intelligence service is designed to assist your company in making balanced, informed and strategic recruitment decisions that will strengthen your organization and prepare it for the future. 

Talent pipelining

Be prepared! The best talent is hard to find, even harder to attract – and the whole process takes time. When one of your key employees hands in their resignation, you risk leaving a crucial gap in your organization unfilled.  

Our Talent Pipelining Services enables you to develop and build an external succession planning pipeline for key employees, securing your access to crucial talent when you need it.  

Researcher training

In today´s competitive recruitment landscape, being able to source and attract the very best candidates for your vacancy is vital. Mixing automation and technology with a personal approach, and knowing what tools and methods to use for a specific search is crucial for any recruiter. 

Our in-depth research training gives you the tools and methods you need to be successful in identifying and attracting candidates for your vacancies.  

Suitable for: Headhunters, recruiters and researchers at all levels, both agency and inhouse. 

Diversity sourcing

We all know that companies with a diverse workforce are more profitable. Diverse hiring is on top of many recruiters list, but sometimes, creating that diverse pool of candidates to choose from can be very tricky.  

Diversity hiring has always been important to us, and we have developed specific methods and tools for finding those “nonexistent” candidates. 

Whatever your recruitment challenge might be, we would be happy to assist and bring diverse talent into your process. It all starts with the sourcing. 

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